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  • Food and Lodging

    Drakesbad Guest Ranch, Mt. Lassen
    EPICURIOUS: For People Who Eat
    King's BBQ They deliver!
    Napa Valley, Lodging
    Winecountry Virtual Visit

  • Fun - New Things

    Art Crimes The Writing on the Wall
    Aviation Image Archives
    Barbie's Page (She's a doll.)
    Burma Shave Slogans
    BigStar Movies for Sale
    British Monarchy
    Computer Chair by POETIC
    CD-R Recording Software: Golden Hawk Technology and FAQ.
    CDDB Server - Audio CD-ROM DataBase (Software)
    ComicZone (The Comic Strip Page)
    Dead Radio ...the music never stops
    Digital Camera Guide
    DVD Titles On The Internet
    Earthquake Info Current
    Edmund's Automobile Buyer's Guides (New & Used)
    Epic MegaGames Unreal
    FartPage (...Yes, it is)
    FTP Secure (Using SSH to Encrypt FTP Sessions - Windows 95/NT/3.1)
    Fututama Episodes to download...
    Go-Ped HoverBoard
    Gutenberg, Project All books (free) in ASCII Text???
    High Energy Weapons Archive
    Hoax Busters the CIAC Hoax Pages
    Idiot Puzzle
    Hot 100 Web Sites
    Howe Art Kinetic Wind Art
    Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
    International Lyrics Server (70,000+ Songs)
    iPod: EphPod MacOpener iPod Case iPod on Linux
    Le Studio Dance School
    LMV (The Flying Doctors)
    Looney Tunes Sounds
    PalmPilot Links
    Pez Memorabilia
    Phone Spell?
    Rainforest Action Network
    ReThinking Schools
    Reverse Speech
    Sachs Marine Aquarium The Ultimate Virtual Aquarium
    Sparrow Electric Vehicle
    Spike and Mike's Festival of Animation
    Steven Wright Sayings
    The Swap Meet
    System Admin
    Timex DataLink Watches for Win95
    The Twinkies Project
    Watercooler Humor and LOTS of it!
    Web Ferret

  • List of Lists

    Awesome List everything?
    Channel 1: Fun And Entertainment Links
    EINet Galaxy
    Fun Stuff & Multimedia
    Gopher Jewels
    Info Hiway: Show me the Way!
    Internet Resources Meta-Index
    LLNL Lists of lists
    MITs Fun Stuff Page
    Telephone Directories
    Starting Point
    Web Starting Points @ MIT
    World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Subject Catalogue

  • Media

    Car Talk
    Dead Radio ...the music never stops
    Fog Net World Class Rock!!
    KPIG CyberSwine World Headquarters
    KRTS All The Classics
    Radio Stations on the Internet.
    Snap a c-net Service.
    Virtual Radio

  • Film & TV

    CBS Television
    Comedy Central
    BigStar Movies for Sale
    Discovery Channel Online
    Disney: Buena Vista MoviePlex
    DVD Titles On The Internet
    Fawlty Towers Information
    Film and Video Resources
    Welcome to Fox Online!
    KPIX Online, San Francisco, CA USA
    KRON Online, San Francisco, CA USA
    IMDB: Database
    Looney Tunes
    Mars Attacks
    Monty Python Archive Shop
    MovieLink 777FILM Online
    Movies Database
    Sony Pictures Entertainment
    Tank Girl
    Toy Story
    Tie-Died: Rock 'N Roll's Most Deadicated Fans
    TV Bytes...
    TV Party

  • Music

    Addicted To Noise
    Silver & Gold
    Eric Clapton
    CDnow! The Internet Music Store
    CD Universe: online music and video store
    Concerts in the San Francisco Bay Area
    Dr. Demento
    Bob Dylan
    The Grateful Dead
    Dead Radio ...the music never stops
    Fred's Music (My CD Collection)
    Hawaiian Music
    Hole Lotta Love
    Indigo Girls
    Kingston Mines
    Mammoth Music Meta-List @ VIBE
    Roger McGuinn (Byrds)
    Motown Music
    Music Boulevard: a CD Store
    Phish Radio
    Pink Floyd
    Lou Reed
    Rock & Roll Hall of Fame + Museum
    Rockument, Inc.
    RockWeb(TM) Interactive
    Rolling Stones Web Site
    Ry Cooder
    Mary Schmary (a capella)
    Stevie Ray Vaughan
    Tom Waits Digest
    Tower of Power
    WebMuseum: Classical Music, etc
    Web Wide World of Music
    Frank Zappa
    The MiniDisc Page.

  • Print: Books, News,...

    Amazon.com Books! (1 milion+ Titles)
    Ben Franklin
    Books On-Line
    Book Publishers and Retailers On-line
    Computer Paper
    DARK CARNIVAL Bookstore
    Discover Magazine
    Electronic Newsstand
    Electronic Telegraph (London)
    Future Fantasy Bookstore
    Project Gutenberg All books in ASCII Text???
    KJV: The Hypertext Bible
    Internet Public Library
    Nando News
    Neo Network Services
    O'Reilly & Associates
    PC Magazine
    San Francisco Chronicle
    San Mateo Times
    SGI: The Technical Publications Library
    Slash Dot
    The Smithsonian Magazine
    Time - Pathfinder
    Voo Doo Magazine
    The Wall Street Journal
    Wired Magazine's Rest Stop on the Infobahn
    Zen and the Art of the Internet
    ZD Net Sites

  • Sports

    The Baseball Server
    Big Leaguers (Baseball Players)
    Breaking In A New Glove
    Candlestick Park (3com)
    ESPNET SportsZone
    Golden State Warriors
    Professional Hockey Server
    The Football Server
    World Wide Web of Sports

  • People on the Net

    Sean Ahern
    Tim Allen
    Benny Alba
    Dan's Almighty
    Fred Allen (deadhead...me)
    Fred Allen Show (Radio)
    Fred J. Allen (Barrie, Ontario, Canada)
    Fred Allen (and Associates)
    Art Bell
    John Belushi
    Fred's on ther Web
    Fred's World LEGO Robots?
    George Goble
    Guerrilla Girls
    Eddie Izzard
    Timothy Leary
    Ed Luke
    Tom Marshall
    Rob & Kris Neely
    Charles A. Plummer
    Queen Lilly
    Don Roberts
    Norman H. Samuelson
    Andrew Tong (CalTech)
    Vivek's Page
    Victoria Looseleaf
    Betty de Wit

  • Places

    Amsterdam Channel, The
    Australian National Botanic Gardens
    Cal Train Schedule
    Canadian Government Info.
    China Lake
    Drakesbad Guest Ranch, Mt. Lassen
    Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy
    EUROLINK : The Pan European Web Index
    Geographic Information
    Le Grand Louvre
    MapQuest find any place in the world.
    NASA Today
    New Orleans
    New Zealand
    Ranch Listings US & Canada
    RoadMaps by Lycos
    Subway navigator
    Subway to Internet Museums
    THOMAS: Legislative Information on the Internet
    UK Guide
    White House
    USA CityLink
    The Vatican
    Virtual Tourist World Map
    Webaholics (2.1)
    World Wide Yellow Pages
    Zip Codes
    Zulu / LIA Natal

  • Space

    Hubble Space Telescope Public Pictures
    Face on Mars
    Greatest Hits 1990-1995 Gallery
    Malin Space Science Systems
    The Nine Planets
    Shuttle Launches from Kennedy Space Center
    StarDate Radio
    The Web Nebulae

  • University Corner
  • Alphabetical Listing of College and University Home Pages
    California State University, Hayward
    DeweyWeb Library University of Michigan
    MIT Student Info. Processing Board
    Northwestern University
    Ohio State CIS
    San Francisco State
    San Diego State

  • UC Berkeley

    Pacific Film Archive
    UC Berkeley
    Museum of Paleontology


    Open LabNet Auto-Registration Service
    CIAC bulletins
    Human Genome Center
    LLNL (Internal-only)
    OTS Account Tools
    Weekly TimeCard

    University of Cambridge Computer Lab
    UCLA Computer Science Department
    University of Groningen
    University of Illinois WWW Service
    University of Maryland at College Park
    University of Texas Fusion Research
    Yale University World Wide Web Front Door
  • Vendors

    Advanced Catalogs International 100s of catalogs...on-line
    Computer and Communication Companies
    Show and Tell Sign Company
    Pizza Hut!
    Thomas Register of American Manufactures

  • Entertainment

    CDnow! The Internet Music Store
    Cirque du Soleil
    Concerts in the San Francisco Bay Area
    Sound Wire
    Voyager: The Blueprint
    Warner Bros. Records
    Windham Hill Records
  • Hardware

    Apple Web Servers
    Automobiles: Dealernet
    BrainWave Control IBVA Technologies, Inc.
    Cassette House DAT, Cassette, and CDR Recording Supplies
    ChemBook Notebooks
    Computer Quick on-line computer products catalog
    Creative Labs Sound Blasters
    Crutchfield on-line audio/video products catalog
    CMD (Raid) Storage Systems
    Dell Computer
    Cyrix 6x68 Motherboards and PCs
    Digital Equipment Corporation
    Direct Source on-line computer products catalog
    Dolch Flat Panel Displays
    DriveSavers Date Recovery Service
    ECS Case Shipping Enclosures
    Gateway 2000
    HandHelds: Velo 1(*),Libretto, Compacq, HP Palmtop(*), PalmPilot(*)
    GPS & GPSS
    Happy Hacking Keyboards
    Hemmings Motor News
    HP Peripherals Directory
    ISDN Page
    Iomega corp. (ZIP & Jaz Drives )
    JEM Computers
    JVC Products
    Laser Pointers
    Lego Set Information
    MicroWareHouse on-line computer products catalog
    The MiniDisc Pages
    NCD: Network Computing Devices
    Oatley & DIY Electronics Kits, Components
    Octave Systems Inc. CD Recorders
    Porsche Boxster
    PsiTech, Inc. 2 Heads for SGIs
    Qualix Group Inc.
    Silicon Graphics' SILICON SURF
    Timex DataLink Watches
    PalmPilot Links
    VA Research supplier of hardware w/ Linux installed
    Watchbands: Replacements
    X-10 Home Automation
    Yamaha CRW4260TIPC CD-Recorder (like mine)
  • Software

    Adobe Systems Incorporated
    Aimnet Internet Provider
    Apache Project
    Best Internet Provider
    CrossWind Technologies
    D2S2 - Digital Dead Screen Saver
    DiscPlay(artist, title, and track titles)CDDB database
    Directory of /tex-archive
    Epic MegaGames Unreal.avi
    Frame Technology Corporation
    Games Domain - Games related information site
    GIMP General Image Manipulation Program
    Great Circle Associates (Firewalls)
    Group 42, Inc.
    Guardian Security Tools
    Golden Hawk Technology: CD-R Recording Software
    HP Customer Care Drivers & Software
    HyperSurf Internet Provider
    ICQ Mirabilis Ltd.
    Internet Phone
    Internet Providers: Many Internet Providers
    JPSnet Internet Provider
    Kai's Power Tips and Tricks for Photoshop
    Linux Documentation Project
    McAfee Virus Finding Software
    MacAmp: mp3 Player
    Mac archive
    Mac: Games (free)
    Microsoft Corporation
    Microsoft Windows 98 Guide
    More Internet Providers: Lots of Internet Providers
    mp3 Players: Macintosh, Windows, and Unix
    NetManage - PC X software
    OS/2 product family
    PacBell Internet Provider
    Perl CGI Scripts by Matt
    Persistence of Vision Ray Tracer
    RealAudio (and Ra2Wav converts RealAudio files into WAV files)
    Safetynet Security and AntiVirus - Free Evals
    shareware.com Quick Search Form
    SGI License Requesrs
    SGI Public Domain Software
    ShieldsUP quickly checks the SECURITY of YOUR computer's connection to the Internet.
    SKIP Information
    Sony Online
    Speak Freely for Windows
    Stac Electronics
    StarNet: X-Win32
    Starship Titanic by Douglas Adams
    Tenon Intersystems: MachTen
    Tucows Winsock Software (Calif.)
    Various Software Links
    Voice Recognition
    WebSpace... because the world is not flat!
    WinAmp: mp3 Player
    WebWorks Publisher FrameMaker to HTML converter
    Wolfram Research Mathematica
    XEmacs -- Emacs: The Next Generation

  • Weather or Not
    Unisys Weather
  • WWW Utilities

    Apache Web Server
    Alta Vista: URL Searcher
    Archie Gateway
    BigBook Yellow Pages
    Big Dummy's Guide to the Internet
    Welcome to CUI: search
    Dictionaries etc (Reference and Interdisciplinary Information)
    FTP Secure (Using SSH to Encrypt FTP Sessions - Windows 95/NT/3.1)
    Global Network Navigator
    Home Space Builder
    i3D: A High Speed 3D Scene Browser
    Icon Browser
    ICQ Mirabilis Ltd.
    Intenet Search Engines
    Internet Tools Summary
    MBONE Information Web
    NASA LaRC Visitor Count
    Stroud's CWS Win95 Apps List
    Taos Mountain Software
    VRML from HELL
    White Pages
    WhoWhere on the Internet

  • UNIX Stuff

    The Bandwidth Conservation Society
    BayLISA -- Upcoming meetings
    Calendar of USENIX Events
    David A. Bader's Parallel Sites
    Gauntlet Firewall
    Perl Archive
    Perl: perl
    Public JAVA Compiler
    SAGE Members' Services
    SGI ftp Patches
    Security Programs
    Solaris 2.5 installation
    Virtual Reality Modelling Language (VRML) Forum
    Web-Counter Page
    Web Tools for WELL users
    Windows95 Software
    WWW-Finger Gateway with Faces
    WWW Viewer Test Page

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